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Janki Ballabh Maru

Maru family pioneered the industrial sector with the first automated rice and oil mill in 1937 AD. 

The launch of the first-ever brand Guheshwori, with solvent extracts of edible oils from Sal seeds and non-edible oils for soap industries, marked a significant achievement for the Maru family.

A fresh graduate degree holder of Civil and Mechanical engineering, when realized the expense of dependency our country has on others for mineral resources, set a vision to make the country self-reliant and independent. Wanting to bring a simpler and efficient way of producing these reserves, he diverted from edibles and created a field for himself in the mineral sector.

This vision created a fulcrum that revolutionized the Mineral Industry and further paved a progressive path for Nepal’s economy.

His first step was bringing in a mining and import-export business. As early as 1977, he established the world’s first talc processing plant with an alliance trading with Bangladesh and India. Succeeding this, JB Maru then established the Maruti Cement company in 1996 A.D that overpowered other active Cement Industries at the time.

Though the history of the Maru family goes back to 107 years, the cornerstone of success for the family is the JB Maru group, initiated by Janaki Bhallab Maru in 1977 A.D.

Having accomplished many things through several decades, JB Maru then ventured to guide his two sons through this wave of change. His trust in his sons came as a blissful lineage.
Active and energetic youths of the Maru heritage, Raghu Nandan Maru and Anjani Nandan Maru took the responsibility to spread and expand the visions of their father into their umbrella branches as it flourished nationwide. And thus, the JB Maru group formed as a collective form of industries under it.

JB Maru Group, presently, is accountable for building thousands of houses, furnishing numerous homes, and trading and manufacturing excellence by employing and empowering more than 200 unique points of view. We achieve this by aligning our goals with our core values.

Committed to upholding the values of integrity, excellence, and unity, our motto – सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः  All should flourish, aptly captures our paramount goal – to contribute to the country’s self-reliance and independence. 

Looking back, we from JB Maru Group have experienced being a pioneer corporation of Nepal with pride in the history and legacy of our roots. We are recognized throughout the nation for our dedication, customer gratification, and well-grounded products.

In the last century, the JB Maru group has grown from a humble oil manufactory to a leading manufacturer of Nepal, operating nearly from every corner of the country.


National self-reliance and genuine economic independence through positive development.


Manufacture Excellence with Quality, Integrity, Commitment, and One Team.

Core Value

“All should flourish
– the country, the countrymen, and the community.”

Our Beginnings at a Glance

Valued as a family vision, we had humble beginnings. From the onset of JB Maru in 1933, Janki Ballabh Maru believed in contributing to our country’s self-reliance and independence, and he continued to do so for decades. Having established history and legacy over 87 years ago, the JB Maru Group is still committed to Nepalese equity and trust.  

Establishment of Guheshwori Brand


Begining of the JB Maru journey

~ Started first-ever Nepali Brand that extracted edible and non    edible oils.

Stepping into Mineral Industry with Ten Microns


Creating a diversified portfolio in Mineral Industry

~ Introduced Nepal’s first-ever talc processing unit.

Formation of Laxmi Lime and Maruti Cement


Establishing Maruti Cement

~ Raghu Nandan Maru and Anjani Nandan Maru supervised Maruti    Cement
~ The company produced dolomite powder, marble chips and    marble dust,and agricultural limes and quick limes under Laxmi    Limes brand name.

Branching the talc-industry with
Om Shiv Khanij tatha Prasodhan Pvt. Ltd.


Vertical diversification in Mineral Industry

~ Branched the talc-industry in Dolakha with Om Shiv Khanij tatha    Prasodan Pvt.Ltd for talc mining in 2000 A.D., at Hawa VDC.

Initiation of Shreya International Pvt. Ltd.


Establishing a mineral and chemical trading company

~ Provided a broader portfolio of high-quality products and services    to trade customers.
~ Became a more efficient supplier.

Establishment of Shivam Cement


Accelerated our expansion with Shivam Cement.

~ The first FDI approved Cement Industry and the largest    manufacturing Greenfield project in Nepal.
~ High standard OPC cement factory.

Ten Microns Liscensable


Greater exploration in talc-mining industry

~ Prospecting License from Department of Mines and Geology for    Exploration of Talc (Jhule, Dolakha).

Launching of Laxmi Technoplast


Begining of Marigold Plastic and Om Shivam Pipes and Fittings

~ Marigold Pastic offers best pastic-ware that values both comfort    and beauty.
~ Om Shivam Pipes anf Fittings provide the best CPVC / PVC SWR    pipes and fittings. In the field of homemaking and production, it    assures excellence with its efficiency of quality.

Our Businesses


Shivam Cement

Shivam Cement is the first FDI in Cement Industry and the largest manufacturing GreenField project in Nepal.


Shreya International

Shreya International Pvt. Ltd. is a trading company, functioning from the year 2062 B.S.


Om Shivam Pipes & Fittings

गुणस्तर रोजौ OM SHIVAM नै रोजौ


Marigold Household & Furniture

What you need is what we give you. At marigold, we offer you plastic-wares that ranges from kitchen-ware to toilet-ware, from tables to chairs, jugs to baskets, and hangers to buckets.


Laxmi Lime Products

Laxmi Lime Products has been operative since 2053 B.S. for producing minerals like dolomite powder, marble chips, marble dust, and agricultural limes.


Ten Microns Nepal

Ten Microns Pvt. Ltd. has been operational since 2063 B.S. We are an FDA-approved company that produces Talcum powder and Soap-Stones as its product.


Laxmi Technoplast

Established in 2005 A.D Deliver plastic products and furniture segments. Established remarkable production setups in the segments of injection molding, rotary molding, extrusion molding, blow molding, and press molding with experts in each segment.  Under this venture, both Marigold Plastics and Om Shivam Pipes and fittings and Fittings flourished exceptionally well as popular brands. Marigold has become popular not only with consumers but also with industrial users due to LTP’s relentless efforts to provide quality, variety, and supply […]


Modern Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

Established in 2012 A.D With the hope for an extension to a bigger and better JB Maru.  A Construction company.  We aim to deliver high-quality projects that build communities  and strengthen our nation’s foundation.


Syangja Krishi Chun Udhyog

Established in 2012 A.D With the hope for an expansion to a greater and better JB Maru.

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