JB Furnishings


Established in 2076 B.S

A premier provider of classical architectural furnishings of the highest quality.

With the import of furnishings, we meet the needs of the consumers in the area of housing.

An ambitious venture of JB Maru, JB Furnishings aims to set up an efficient distribution network and channel in order to meet market demands.

Currently, JB Furnishings has been spreading its roots in Nepal’s furnishing market with its exclusive products. We are rapidly increasing the variety of products and will soon provide a complete furnishing solution.

Our Products 

At presentUpcoming 
PVC Carpet 
Non-woven carpet 
PVC Tiles 
Woven Carpet
Door Mat 

The PVC carpets, woolen carpets, and flooring are the highlights for the furnishing along with the whole decor of any architecture.

JBF is expanding its horizon, improving its network and services only to further strengthen concrete relations with the market.

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