Our Commitments in Action- CSR

At JB Maru, we reflect our impacts on the lives we touch, the communities we live and work in, and the most important, the environment around us. As we diversify and expand many other initiatives to steadily grow our businesses, we continue to support our communities and encourage our employees to make a difference by giving back.

We commit to reinvesting in the community.

We aim to amplify our commitment and have an impactful journey, together.

Areas of Work


We have been frequently providing affordable health care services in the major rural parts of the country and also supporting the local health posts and hospitals by providing finances and equipment for years.


Based on the merit and needs of the students, we provide logistics and financial aids to various schools mainly focusing on the local schools. We launch awareness programs in several areas about the importance of education to the general public and we never step back to empower the youths.

Community Infrastructure

We have installed and facilitated infrastructures for drinking water and to construct proper roads in numerous locations. We largely focus on the development of infrastructure and we equally promote green plantations along with spreading environmental awareness.

Response to Emergency

In 2015 when Nepal was struck by Earthquake, we provided emergency accommodation and financial relief to the victims. Having said that we continued to provide post- Earthquake relief, rehabilitation, and reconstruction in many parts of the country.

Response to COVID-19

Currently, when the world has crippled under the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic we have been supporting the marginalized groups.

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