Ten Microns Nepal


Established in 2063 B.S

An FDA-approved company that produces Talcum powder and Soap-Stones as its product.

We have obtained a prospecting license from the Department of Mines and Geology to explore Talc at Jhule VDC of Dolakha District, Janakpur Zone.

We aim to be a trusted partner with both our customers and with the nation. And, we achieve so by maintaining the perfect balance between service and quality.

Ten Microns, a company with a rich history of maintaining its quality to supply Talc-Powder and soapstone. We combine traditional methods with modern innovation to create a unique process of mining and processing the products so as to maintain a standard export quality mark. 

Our main products, Talcum, and soapstone powder are natural minerals.

Talcum Powder

  • Talc is the key ingredient for beauty products to lubricants.
  • After being produced in powder form, it can be used as a baby powder.
  • Composed of hydrated magnesium silicate, it is used in color cosmetics, soaps, toothpaste, perfumes, chewing gums, and drug tablets.


  • Composed of the mineral talc [Mg3Si4O10(OH)2] together with some chlorite [(Fe, Mg, Al)6(Si, Al)4O10(OH)8], and often some magnetite (Fe3O4).
  • Resists heat and acid.
  • An excellent electrical

Chemical properties

Soapstone’s chemical composition


Essentially made from talc-schist, soapstone powder is a naturally occurring soft, magnesium-rich powder. Because of its composition of more than 50 percent talc, it has a soapy feeling. Its applications include architecture, countertops, sinks, flooring, etc.  

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