Om Shivam Pipes & Fittings


Established in 2012 A.D

We manufacturing CPVC and PVC pipes using NSF 14 Certified compound from SEKISUI Chemicals CO., Japan.

Manufactured With Japanese Raw Materials And German Technology

A product from Laxmi Technoplast Pvt. Ltd. for the best CPVC / PVC SWR pipes and fittings ranging from your Homes and Residential Apartments to Office Complexes, Commercial Buildings, Hotels, Hospitals, etc.

We provide your need to satisfaction with quality.

As per IS and ASTM D 2846 standard and SDR 11 and ASTM 2846 standard CPVC is produced in sizes from 15mm (½”) to 50 mm (2”).

We assure both convenience and contentment.

As per IS and NS standard covering range, the PVC pressure pipes are manufactured from 50mm to 160mm with pressure ratings of 2.5, 4.6, and 10 kgf/cm2.

Our features are:

  • Cost-efficient and recyclable materials
  • Corrosion and Abrasion resistance
  • Temperature compatibility with low thermal expansion
  • Fire resistant
  • Lowest Bacteria growth
  • Durable and reliable with strong composition
  • Easy fittings with watertight joints and plumber-friendly
  • Lightweight and flexible
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